History + Experience.

I have been working in the design industry for 18 years, both in New Zealand and in the UK.

I returned from the UK in May 2009 and worked as a senior designer for Band in Napier till January 2015.

I am now currently doing contracting work.

The 2 years prior, I was in Exeter, Devon working as head of design for Nexus, and after hours and weekends as a photographer for Exesight Photography.

Further work history includes, 8 years as senior designer for Cre@ive Design in Hawke's Bay and 2 years doing contract work in London, including work for RSCG Direct, Finex Communications - specialists in large corporate direct marketing campaigns and Colourpath - a reproduction/photo retouching house.

I have also gained a full working knowledge of the printing process having originally cut my teeth in a print house, doing everything from chromolin proofing to making print plates.

During my time in the industry, I have developed a strong skill base in graphic design, web design and HTML/CSS coding, building Wordpress sites, photography, finished art and reproduction work.

I work well in a team environment, but also have the ability to solely concept, design and take a project through to completion, both in print and online as the portfolio work testifies to which I believe to be a major benefit to a business.

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Skills + Strengths.

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